About the Region

Sri Lanka, located in Southeast Asia, boasts a rich and ancient history. Its natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and distinguished variety of cultures and religions have presented an enthralling experience for travellers of both ancient and modern times.  Since 2009, Sri Lanka has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a thriving tourism sector. Tourism, however, has been centered on the southern and central parts of the country and although tourism exists in Eastern Sri Lanka, and the opportunities for expansion are great, this region has only recently been accessible to the majority of travelers.


Latitude: 6.462228 Longitude: 81.737204 Elevation: -46 ft

The geographic scope of the program covers the Eastern Province of the country. The Eastern Sri Lanka Geotourism Program seeks to capture and promote the culture and heritage of this extraordinary region through the voices and stories of the people that call it home. This project helps capture the warm and welcoming persona of the island through an informative National Geographic branded online interactive map that  represents the sites and stories of the region to the world in the words of its residents.

Highlighting the Nature, Culture and Heritage of Eastern Sri Lanka

National Geographic is working with local organizations, businesses and residents to map the best of Eastern Sri Lanka.  We invite you to recommend historic, cultural and natural landmarks; events, attractions and activities; businesses, beaches, reefs and trails; artists, artisans and storytellers as well as local legends that capture Sri Lanka’s unique character, heritage and beauty.